Ethanol Alcohol 200 Proof- 1 Pint- Reagent

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Pint (500 ml) 200 Proof Ethanol Alcohol- Reagent

Replacement bottle to be used with Hybrid Extractor. This is pure typically used as a solvent for the extracting of essential oils. It is pure alcohol however- 95 percent ethanol and 5 % methanol. Please note that methanol is poisonous and any extraction process should remove all the alcohol from the oil typically using low temperature evaporation. A small vacuum chamber is also useful for removing any residual traces of the alcohol for the extracted oils. If the intended use of this product is for a more fluid tincture, please purchase a consumable grade of alcohol.

  • To be used with the Hybrid Xtractor™
  • Dissolves essential oils
  • Each Carton Contains ten x 8-gram Chargers
  • Poisonous- this product may not be consumed
  • You must be 21 to purchase this product
  • Warning- flammable