CO2 Cartidges- Pack of 10

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Pack of 10 CO2 Chargers for Hybrid Extraction

Replacement Carton of Ten CO2 Cartridges to be used with Hybrid Extractor and Infuser. Typical extraction and infusion applications only use one cartridge. One carton will power 10 different extractions – infusions. Cartridges are highly pressured and made of steel that is recyclable after use. The process of raid infusion and essential oil extraction utilizing our patented technology includes pressurizing the substrate (typically dried herbs or fruit) and solvent (ethanol alcohol, olive oil, vodka, and other spirits).

  • To be used with the Hybrid Xtractor™
  • Pressurizes, infuses, and extracts the essential flavoring oils
  • Each Carton Contains ten x 8-gram Chargers
  • Can also be used to carbonate water!